Yoga with Your Dog with Austin Doga

This event has very few slots left. If you have a larger group please choose another date or time.

Selected date

Sunday June 4

Selected time

10:30 AM  –  11:15 AM

Each dog ticket includes up to 2 adults. Every dog must have it's own ticket. General Admission is included.

Yoga with Your Dog: Austin Doga

A 45 min private yoga session with your dog, located in the pavilion, where you will:

  • Bond with your dog through mindfulness techniques
  • Learn evidenced-based stress reduction yogic tools that you can practice with your dog
  • Practice massage and energy work with your dog
  • Cultivate inner peace and joy through learning how to meditate with your dog
  • Reset your nervous system through gentle stretching, breathwork, and beginner friendly restorative yoga poses

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